Best Places To Visit In Australia and Oceania

What does one consider once you hear the word Australia? Kangaroos, beaches, and ‘g’ day mate’? Well yes, Australia does have its justifiable share of ‘roos, but the land Down Under offers such a lot quite that! We’re speaking awe-inspiring mountains, epic road trips, big national parks, lovely waterfalls. The list definitely is endless. We’ve rounded up some top Aussie travel bloggers who have given us their recommendations on the simplest places to go to in Australia – and you’ll be sure that whatever you are looking for in your trip, Australia offers it and more. Keep reading for twenty-four of the simplest places to go to in Australia! – Best places to go to in New South Wales – 1. Blue Mountains – If you are looking for a dose of nature, the Blue Mountains are for you. Only 1.5 hours from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, it is often visited as each day trip or a weekend getaway, counting on your time period frame. confirm you’ve got time to go to Wentworth Falls. This spot offers walks of varying difficulty with stunning views of the waterfall, and it’s just a brief drive from the most event – The Three Sisters. These famous rock formations are the highlight of this picturesque postcard area. If you head to Echo Point you’ll get an epic view of them, or mount Scenic World’s gondola. While you’re there, don’t miss the railway the steepest passenger railway within the world! Last but not least, Lincoln’s Rock may be a must. With views of the vast landscape and a secret little cave perfect for watching the sunset, it is the best end to the day. 2. Bathurst – Bathurst is one of my favorite spots in Australia for therefore many reasons.

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